Bold Prediction: Steve Nash Will End Up In New York This Summer

07.04.09 10 years ago 29 Comments

All the ducks are in a row. Steve Nash spends his off-seasons in the Big Apple, Mike D’Antoni is one of his best friends and the Suns are about to implode. Although the two-time MVP isn’t an unrestricted free agent until next season, I’d bet money that Nash ends up in NYC this summer.

According to the New York Post, Nash is unhappy in Phoenix. And who wouldn’t be? After driving D’Antoni out of town and tearing apart a perennial Finals contender, Nash is 35 years old with two MVP trophies but no rings. Realizing that time is of the essence, I’m glad that the usually selfless Nash is finally advocating for himself.

At the opening of his Vancouver health club, Suns point guard Steve Nash said he will meet with agent Bill Duffy next week to discuss his future. Whether that be a contract extension, trade demand or agreement to a waive him that would save the Suns $5 million of his $13 million guarantee.

“In a lot of ways it’d be amazing,” Nash told The Post recently. “But it’s not simple. A lot of stuff has to go right for me to be in New York.”

While the consumate professional isn’t going to come out and say it, I truly believe that super agent Duffy will find a way to land Nash in a Knicks uniform this summer – perhaps even in a sign-and-trade for Nate Robinson.

What do you think?

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