Boris Diaw Nailed The Most Chill Fadeaway To Beat The Shot Clock You’ll Ever See

Boris Diaw is the Swiss Army Knife big man for the San Antonio Spurs — which is unfortunate, because he’s French. He’s not as athletic as he used to be, goodness knows, and he’s not the best shooter. But he is good enough, and his extraordinary passing makes him as useful as he is doughy (and French). We love him. We’re pretty sure everyone loves him. And if any Spurs have swag, it’s Boris.

With three minutes left in the instant-classic Game 5 of the Spurs-Clippers series, Boris picked up a loose ball without realizing the shot clock was running down. But Diaw, in his inimitable Boris-ness, checked the clock and realized he had only a second to jack up a turnaround, fadeaway jumper. At that point, he decided, “I probably have time for a killer pass fake, right? Sure, what the hell.”

And sure enough, he pulled it off. He’s Boris Motherf***ing Diaw. There were a lot of highlights from this game, and a ton of replayable moments, but only one was a perfect storm of basketball skill, swag, and humor, and only one of them had Boris.