Brad Stevens Again Denies Interest In The Indiana Job: ‘I’m A 44-Year-Old Masshole … I Root For The Patriots’

The search for an Indiana basketball coach has involved a whole lot of folks speculating that Boston Celtics head coach and Hoosier State native Brad Stevens potentially coming home. Despite the fact that Stevens said earlier this week that he had no interest in replacing Archie Miller, rumors have circulated for days that he is the name that folks in Bloomington want more than any.

In response, Stevens has apparently decided to come out far more forcefully than he did earlier in the week. During his pregame press availability before the Celtics took on the Sacramento Kings, Stevens once again said he has no interest in leaving the NBA for the Big Ten.

And then, in an attempt to show his Boston credibility, Stevens gave a quote that does seem to indicate he is not going anywhere any time soon.

If I may editorialize for a moment, I never imagined that a person would be so eager to shoot down job rumors that they would say they eat food from Dunkin’ Donuts (no disrespect to Dunkin’) and root for the New England Patriots. But hey, it’s pretty evident that these rumors have bugged Stevens and he wanted to shoot this down as forcefully as possible. Plus as an added bonus, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN has his back here.