Bradley Beal Got Away With A Hilarious Uncalled Traveling Violation Against The Pistons

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It’s been a tough year for the Washington Wizards, from injuries (particularly to John Wall) to the simple reality of ineffective play on the court. However, Bradley Beal has been a genuine bright spot for the franchise in producing at career-best levels and, on Monday evening, he was fantastic with 32 points, 10 assists and six rebounds against the Detroit Pistons.

Unfortunately, Beal’s individual effort wasn’t enough to lead Washington to victory but, perhaps in a show of support for all he has done, the referees for Monday’s game elected to let him get away with a comical traveling violation.

As noted by Michael Lee of The Athletic, there are many things to enjoy about this video and that includes the reaction of the announcing crew and Pistons star Blake Griffin, who was visibly perplexed while still hanging in the air. Beal clearly takes a step (or more than one) too many during his pursuit of the rim and it’s almost funnier that he ended up passing the ball instead of shooting.

Occasionally, a video goes viral with some complaints about officiating and fans end up arguing about what exactly transpired in the clip. This time around, though, there is absolutely no debate about Beal committing the textbook definition of a traveling violation and, while it is something that is bound to happen once in a while, this isn’t one that the refereeing crew is going to be thrilled with during tape study.