Brandon Jennings’ Flag Football Team Finally Loses A Game

We’ve been covering Brandon Jennings and his undefeated flag football team for the past few weeks because admit it, what else is there to do over a lockout than watch an NBA star go hard in flag football? We saw the Jennings’ led team of AIS beat Nick Young‘s squad, and then get a win over a team that featured DeMar DeRozan, Corey Maggette and Matt Barnes. At 5-0, they looked invincible, until last weekend.

It was then that a team called TrimSquad beat AIS by a touchdown, surviving a few controversial calls and even a visit from Tommy the Clown and his dancers (check out Jennings battling the clown) to give Jennings his first loss of the season.

All photos courtesy of Cassy Athena.

*…hit page 2 for photos of Jennings’ win over DeRozan, Maggette & Barnes…*

All photos courtesy of Cassy Athena.

What’s the best flag football game you’ve ever played in?

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