Brandon Jennings Explains Why Kobe Bryant’s ‘NBA 2K16’ Rating Is ‘Blasphemy’

Kobe Bryant, Brandon Jennings
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Ever since NBA 2K16 decided to give Kobe Bryant an 85 ranking, there have been some who think it’s ridiculous. It’s the lowest ranking of Bean’s career, too, so it makes sense that some of the NBA’s youngsters would speak out about their generation’s Michael Jordan getting disrespected by 2K Sports.

Dion Waiters scoffed at the notion when TMZ cameras caught up with him on the street. Now, Brandon Jennings is speaking out after NBA 2K tweeted out their player rankings for each position. The rankings at shooting guard are what set Jennings off:

When called on his strong diction in the above tweet, Jennings mentions that Kobe was leading the lead in scoring when he went down last season.

When it was pointed out to Jennings that Kobe wasn’t getting his buckets in the most efficient way possible, Kobe shot 37.3 percent from the floor and 29.3 percent from three-point range last season, he compared Bean to Michael Jordan.

And finally, Jennings gives credit to the top two players on the NBA 2K shooting guard rankings, MVP runner-up, James Harden, and Golden State’s two-way stud, Klay Thompson.

By process of elimination, that leaves Jimmy Butler, and oft-injured Heat guard, Dwyane Wade, as the players Jennings thinks are overrated since both are slightly above Kobe in the ratings.

But Kobe’s No. 5 spot isn’t the only 2K ranking Jennings got pissed about. NBA 2K is releasing each position at 10 a.m. PST each day, and point guards were the first rankings to be released. (all but the centers have been tweeted after power forwards came out today.)

Jennings didn’t like how Russell Westbrook wasn’t a perfect 100, or how low (No. 5) John Wall was ranked.

Then he broke out the same word he used for Kobe when someone tried to defend the players higher than Wall on the list.

But, despite the strong language and the posturing when people disagreed with him, at least Jennings understands what we’re all really talking about here.

(H/T Sherdian Hoops)