Brandon Jennings Took A Shot At The Knicks After His First Game With The Wizards

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Brandon Jennings didn’t do much during his debut with the Washington Wizards on Friday night. The team fell to Toronto, 114-106, and Jennings scored zero points on 0-for-3 shooting in 10 minutes of action.

But despite his career in D.C. getting off to a rocky start, Jennings is still stoked to be a Wizard. It seems like a lot of this stems from the simple fact that the Wizards are not the Knicks. After the game, Jennings talked about why he’s so happy in Washington from a personal and a professional standpoint, and made sure to get in a remark about the chemistry of his old team.

It’s probably the least surprising news on earth that the Knicks’ locker room and on-court chemistry aren’t exactly great. I mean, we’re talking about the team that has a president who tried really hard to force their star player to waive his no-trade clause, only to fail spectacularly. This is also the team that is moving to the triangle offense in the middle of the season because the aforementioned president is convinced that this is a good idea. Oh, and there’s the whole Charles Oakley saga, which is over now, but it’s absurd that it ever happened.

The Knicks are a mess. It really shouldn’t be shocking that one player left New York and immediately went to a situation he thinks is much better. As for the Knicks, they’re going to need to do some serious soul searching this summer so that they’re no longer viewed so negatively by players.