Brandon Knight Excorcises DJ Demons With Block Of Birdman

The Heat came into Milwaukee’s dilapidated BMO Harris Bradley Center on Saturday night, and stomped a Bucks team that’s been getting stomped all season. But despite the 88-67 shellacking at the hands of the 2-time defending champs, Milwaukee’s Brandon Knight rose for a block on Chris Andersen that has to alleviate some of the stink from last season’s stank face DeAndre Jordan slam.

Listen, we’re not crazy. That DJ throw-down on Knight was pretty epic, in a world where that word is totally overused (sometimes by us). But we felt sort of sorry for Knight; he was only giving his all on defense in a situation where a lot of NBA players would have shied away from such an attempt.

That’s why Knight’s fingertip block of Birdman last night makes us so happy. He’s still not shying away from getting dunked on even with the ensuing embarrassment from the masses sure to follow if he gets posterized yet again. This time, though, his fingers prevented Andersen from slamming it home and John Henson got a dunk on the other end as a result.

Granted, the DJ dunk was a lot more righteous than Birdman’s two-handed attempt at the rim, and in the end it didn’t matter because the Heat are getting into playoff shape and the Bucks are the Bucks. But we’re just happy Knight is still putting his defensive reputation on the line even after the DJ incident. Keep doing you Brandon. Maybe one day you’ll get the ultimate retribution against DJ.

What do you think?

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