Brittney Griner Threw Punches In A Wild WNBA Fight That Got Six Players Ejected

08.11.19 1 week ago

ESPN on YouTube

A tie-up under the basket sparked a fight with punches thrown and five players ejected in a wild WNBA contest between the Phoenix Mercury and Dallas Wings on Saturday.

It all started when Allisha Gray hit a three for the Wings to make it 71-68 Phoenix with less than seven minutes to play. Phoenix star Brittney Griner and Kristine Anigwe were battling for position under the hoop and got tied up, and it looked like Anigwe threw a punch at Griner. She then started to chase Anigwe with her fist in the air, and the Wings player starts to run away.

Griner actually chased Anigwe down the court while she was restrained by other players, which only escalated the fight as both teams pushed and shoved. A referee actually held Griner back from a number of players on the sideline as the scuffle continued around her. As pointed out during the broadcast of the fight, the incident happened on what was also Griner’s bottlehead night.

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