The Nets Front Office Appeared To Be Openly Meeting At Starbucks About Trade Assets

The Brooklyn Nets are almost certainly going to be sellers at the trade deadline this year. Well, at the very least, Brooklyn probably won’t try to load up on talent for a potential postseason run, as the Nets boast the worst record in the league and would need something miraculous to happen to make the playoffs.

So it’s not really a surprise to learn that the team’s front office is going up and down the roster and making decisions about whether it will keep players or look to move them. This is probably a normal move for every NBA front office around this time of year.

What is unusual is that the team is apparently holding these meetings in a Starbucks. Someone was looking for some coffee (or one of those oversized rice krispie treats) and noticed that another Starbucks patron was going through a document that featured pictures of Sean Kilpatrick and Bojan Bogdanovic.

They’re on a page titled “Other Assets On the Roster,” which I suppose means they’re not getting traded? The page would totally say “Assets to Trade” or something if that was the case, right?

The team’s roster is in a really brutal place right now, especially when you remember that Brooklyn does not possess its first round pick in the 2017 NBA Draft (it’s headed to Boston). These kinds of meetings are super important…you’d probably think that they’d want to have them in private. The last thing they want is for someone named LeBron to get their order called out by a barista and the next thing you know rumors are flying that he’s meeting with the team’s executives.

Regardless, the Nets are going to need to make some serious decisions once the deadline rolls around, especially because players like Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin could possibly provide value for other teams (especially Lopez, although moving him could be tricky since he makes about $21 million this year and has a player option for $22.6 million next year). It’s probably an exhausting process, so no one can blame them for making sure they get their caffeine fix.