Bruce Bowen Actually Chimed In On Zaza Pachulia’s Foul On Kawhi Leonard

05.16.17 10 months ago 2 Comments

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Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and Spurs tips off on Tuesday night, but the conversation about the series is still focused on Game 1, specifically the foul from Zaza Pachulia that knocked Kawhi Leonard out of the game and likely out for Game 2.

After the game, there was discussion about whether the play was dirty, as it appeared Pachulia shuffled under Leonard’s feet, causing him to land awkwardly on his already injured left ankle and roll it again. Pachulia, Leonard, and Kevin Durant all went on record claiming it wasn’t a dirty play, but on Monday morning, Gregg Popovich launched into a tirade about Pachulia’s history of questionable plays against the Spurs, which sparked the conversation once again.

Popovich’s rant was met with mostly silence from the Warriors, eager to move on from the incident, but there was some resistance to Pop’s complaints of dirty play, mainly pointing out that he coached Bruce Bowen, who was notorious for pulling the move Pachulia did and sliding under players’ feet as they came down from a shot. Pop was called out for being a hypocrite after comments he made about Bowen in 2006 surfaced when he defended Bowen’s propensity for having shooters land on him.

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