The Bucks Set A New NBA Record With 29 Made Threes Against Miami

The Milwaukee Bucks have never been shy about letting it fly from downtown. The Bucks shot the fourth-most threes in the league last year, understanding that there is value in being able to hit them at even an average clip if you put them up at a crazy high volume.

When they do hit them at a higher than average percentage, though, the Bucks are capable of mollywhopping opponents. And when they get absolutely white hot from deep, which they did on Tuesday night against the Miami Heat, then Milwaukee is able to set records.

The Bucks came out on top against the defending Eastern Conference champions, 144-97, in a game that was so hilariously one-sided that TNT straight up stopped broadcasting the game and instead opted to do a swing around to the other games in the league. Milwaukee did it from deep, going 29-for-51 (56.9 percent!) percent from behind the three-point line and setting an NBA record for the most triples in a single game in NBA history. The previous record was 27, and it was set by the Miami Heat in 2017.

Milwaukee hit so many threes that they did not convert from deep for the final 6:07 of the game and they already had the record set. The team emptied its bench, and every single player on the team hit at least one three, with one exception: two-time reigning league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.