The Kings Are Joining Buddy Hield To Raise Money For Hurricane Relief In His Native Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian is currently hitting the coast of the Carolinas hard as it slowly moves up the Eastern seaboard, but the Bahamas took the most direct and devastating hit of what was then a category 5 hurricane.

Dorian slowed to a near standstill while over the Bahamas, leveling many of the islands and leaving them almost totally devastated after massive storm surges and sustained 185 mile per hour winds hammered the islands for more than a full day. The official death toll in the Bahamas has climbed over 20 from the hurricane as relief efforts have finally been able to get underway and the long process of a rebuild begins.

Kings shooting guard Buddy Hield, who has become one of the best sharpshooters in the NBA, is from the Bahamas — one of two young stars from the nation along with Deandre Ayton — and he and the Kings have launched a fund to go to UNICEF’s hurricane relief efforts in his home nation. The Kings Foundation, Buddy Hield Foundation, and others with the organization are combining to donate $105,000, while Hield is putting up $100,000 of his own.

Hield and the Kings have also launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising $1 million to help Bahamians in need after the storm.

“My heart aches for those impacted by Hurricane Dorian, especially those in my home country of the Bahamas,” said Hield in a statement through the team. “My goal is to raise funding to aid in the relief efforts for the communities that have been hit by this devastating hurricane and to help the people of the Bahamas rebuild.”

You can donate to Hield’s GoFundMe campaign through the link above or at www.kings.com/DisasterRelief.