The Bulls Need Help, And Nate Robinson Thinks He’s Just The Guy For The Job

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The Chicago Bulls are stuck in the mud right now, going 4-6 in their last 10 games, and Dwyane Wade isn’t happy about it. The veteran ripped into his teammates after another loss on Wednesday to the Hawks as Chicago blew a fourth quarter lead.

Wade called into question the team’s effort and asked if they even want to win, and called the effort on Wednesday night “unacceptable.” Jimmy Butler echoed Wade’s thoughts, saying he wants to play with guys who care. The unrest and turmoil in the Bulls locker room means one thing.

It’s Nate Robinson time.

Well, at least that’s what it signals to Nate Robinson. The thirstiest free agent on the market is at the ready for a return to Chicago and took to Instagram to voice his desire to come in and save the Bulls season.

This comes less than a week after Robinson commented on an ESPN Instagram post that “Nate Robinson is available” for the Cavs after LeBron James’ remarks about needing another playmaker. Nate Robinson is Nate Robinson’s biggest fan and his campaign to return to the NBA by way of Instagram posts and captions is my favorite thing about the NBA right now.

“Looks like my guy jimmy and dwade needs a real animal to come help” is the best start to a sales pitch that I’ve ever heard. I really hope someone lets Nate play basketball for them this year, but if that happens I will certainly miss his attempts to get a job via Instagram. Nate knows the one rule of both basketball and Instagram is shooters shoot and I applaud his effort.