Carmelo Anthony Has Been On An ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ Due To Trade Rumors

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Carmelo Anthony trade rumors may have been eclipsed by Kyrie Irving trade rumors for some, but Anthony says his long summer is taking a toll on him. The New York Knick most likely to leave New York has been dogged by trade rumors for months, and after a long silence on the issue he’s admitted it’s been a difficult period.

Anthony spoke to the New York Post on Wednesday as he hosted The Basketball Tournament in Baltimore, and described where his head is at as the Knicks continue to mull his future.

“An emotional roller coaster, an emotional roller coaster,’’ Anthony said of his last 12 months that started with an Olympic gold medal. “But I had to find peace. I had to come to peace with myself and come to peace with kind of the situation I’m in and kind of try to find happiness. I kind of lost that a little bit, but I’m finding it now and it feels good.”

Anthony said he’s spoken to new Knicks GM Scott Perry, who took over after Phil Jackson was fired. It was Jackson that initially tried to push Carmelo out of New York, but he had little to say about the firing, calling it a “business decision.”

“I’ve talked to him,’’ Anthony said. “We’ve communicated. I’ve known Scott for maybe 10 years. I’ve known him for a while back to his Detroit days, the draft, 2003, all that. I’ve reminded him of that [bypassing him].’’

Anthony and Jackson feuded, with the Zen Master trying to run Anthony out of town before he was ousted himself in late June.

“I thought it was a business decision,’’ Anthony said. “[James] Dolan’s got to run his organization.”

There was little said that indicates if Anthony is traded or where he might go, but he said he’s “at peace” with whatever happens. After all this time, that’s probably the best you can expect from him.