Carmelo Anthony Is Expected To Start The Season With The Knicks, After All

09.22.17 8 months ago

Getty Image

The talk about Carmelo Anthony finally leaving the Knicks appears to have been overblown. Despite some cautious optimism from his team and a flurry of rumors that he could be traded before Knicks media day on Monday, it seems many are finally resigned to let him appear in a Knicks uniform at that event and, well, just see what happens.

There was some talk Thursday that Anthony would even accept a trade to Portland if the Knicks and Houston Rockets couldn’t figure out a deal. One reporter at ESPN even thought a deal had a “very good chance” of happening over the weekend.

But on Friday, Knicks president Steve Mills was asked about Carmelo and it sounds a lot like Carmelo’s coming to New York on Monday to hang out for a bit.

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