Watch Charles Barkley Try To Say ‘Okurrrr’ Like Cardi B To Prep For The NCAA Tournament


Every year as part of Turner’s partnership with CBS in broadcasting the NCAA Tournament, three quarters of the Inside the NBA crew shift gears from the pros to college ball during March Madness.

Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley join Clark Kellogg to try their hand at college hoops analysis, and, if nothing else, the results are entertaining. Some diehards complain, mostly about Barkley and the lack of deep insight, but casual fans that tune in for the tournament after also not being completely dialed in on college hoops all year appreciate the familiar faces.

This year, the Inside crew had some fun with the idea that they have to cram for their shift to the college game and did a video of them trying to learn college lingo and current pop culture that college kids pay attention to. The entire video is a delight, but the highlight for sure is Barkley trying to say “Okurrrr” like Cardi B and instead basically honking like a goose.

Kenny Smith insisted he couldn’t do it, and then did a pretty perfect job rolling his r’s. Ernie, unsurprisingly, had no idea who Cardi B is, but Chuck is a big fan and gave it the old college try to disastrous results.

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