Even Charles Barkley Had To Laugh When TNT Showed Footage Of Him Getting Brutally Dunked On

05.11.17 12 months ago


Charles Barkley knows how to take an L, even if it comes years after the initial injury. The Inside the NBA crew on TNT had some fun with a highlight from Barkley’s playing days, showing him getting dunked over by a New York Knicks player.

“Speaking of dunks,” is how Ernine Johnson introduced the clip.

The crew argued who did the dunking for a bit, settling on the fact that Bill Cartwright dunking over Barkley, who then falls to the floor hurt. A Knicks player is actually shown fist pumping after the dunk in the background, and the Knicks crowd goes wild as Barkley remains on the floor injured.

Shaq, Johnson and Kelly Smith let Barkley have it for getting brutally dunked on, then needing help from two people to get off the court.

“What exactly was hurt there,” Johnson asked while the others tried to hold back laughter. “What did you injure?”

Barkley himself was struggling to keep it together through most of the clip, but offered up a solid defense.

“Let me tell y’all what happened: I got a concussion,” Barkley said. “I got a concussion. I did. His elbow hit me in the head and I got a concussion.”

Johnson asked for a replay of the dunk, and they showed it while Barkley narrated Cartwright’s elbow into his head.

“That was an offensive foul!” Barkley said.

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