Charles Barkley Must Really Detest Twitter Because He Supposedly Turned Down $3 Million To Sign Up

If you think you hate social media more than anyone, please consider what Charles Barkley said about Twitter and Instagram on the Dan Le Batard Show on Tuesday.

“I’ve had some knock-down, drag-outs with my employers about social media, and I’ve been offered as much as $3 million to do tweets. I said, ‘y’all can’t pay me enough to tweet.’ “

No one truly likes Twitter. For most people, it’s a necessity these days for sharing work and staying informed. But if you’re a retired millionaire who talks about basketball on TV for a living, then why subject yourself to it?

“I will never tweet. I will never do Instagram or any type of social media. Most people are great, I believe, but there are some evil people that sit behind a computer and feel like they can say anything to anybody.”

The man makes a strong point. Although, if he hires me to be his social media person, I will accept half of the $3 million he was offered and be available 24/7 to tweet any thought he has and promise to never read responses to him, since that seems to be what bothers him most.

Until then, let’s agree to ask Barkley about Twitter as often as possible just so we can get him to say, “do tweets.”