Charles Barkley Got Booed At A Katy Perry Concert In Minnesota For Saying ‘The Timberwolves Suck’

04.08.19 5 months ago


Charles Barkley is in Minneapolis for the Final Four as part of CBS and Turner’s coverage of the NCAA Tournament, but he’s reeling a bit after the brutal loss suffered by his beloved Auburn Tigers.

Auburn lost on a late foul call, watching as Kyle Guy sank three free throws to give Virginia a one-point win over the Tigers to advance to the title game. Barkley’s reaction was, as one would expect, one of pain, but he did handle it pretty well on air and said he agreed with the call even if it was a miserable way for Auburn to lose.

That pain is still there, however, and Chuck apparently wants everyone else in Minnesota to feel badly about their basketball team too. Barkley hopped on stage at a Katy Perry concert put on by Capital One in Minneapolis on Sunday and proceeded to explain to the crowd that he was loving his time in the city, but he rarely gets to come because, as he so eloquently put it, “the Timberwolves suck.”

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