Charles Barkley Calls Out The ‘Little Punk Ass’ Who Threw A Water Bottle At Kyrie Irving

The Brooklyn Nets knocked off the Boston Celtics on Sunday night in Beantown. The Nets’ showed off their high-powered offense en route to a 141-126 win in TD Garden, giving them a 3-1 lead in the series as things shift back to Brooklyn for Game 5.

In the aftermath, all of the attention has been on one incident in particular. A Celtics fan opted to throw a bottle of water at Nets star and former Boston standout Kyrie Irving as the team was making its way to the locker room. It narrowly missed Irving’s head, and after the game, Irving and Kevin Durant both commented on the situation, with Durant saying the dude (who, it must he said, has been arrested and now faces a lifetime ban from the arena) who threw the bottle needs to “grow the f*ck up.”

Unsurprisingly, this got under the skin of Charles Barkley, who commented on the incident during halftime of the Clippers-Mavericks game.

“Look at that little punk ass,” Barkley said as footage aired of the fan getting arrested. “Just take him downstairs, let Kyrie handle that.”

Now, Irving is one of the most graceful and mild-mannered people in the NBA, so he almost certainly would not do what Barkley implied here if presented the opportunity. But Barkley is right that this is the lowest of low moves by the fan in question, and he will end up facing serious consequences as a result.