‘Inside The NBA’ Trying A Tik-Tok Challenge Ended With Chuck Pelting Shaq In The Head With An Egg

TNT’s Inside The NBA regularly goes off the rails despite the best efforts of the legendary Ernie Johnson, but when the late game ends and the analysis is done, things can often get very weird.

On Tuesday night, Shaq, Chuck, Kenny, and Ernie decided to end the night by trying a Tik-Tok challenge, in which they stood in a circle leaned over a camera, tossing things in the air over them to try and have them break over their heads. They first started with water balloons that were incredibly stubborn and refused to break, and eventually Charles grew tired of the gag and he and Shaq began throwing eggs and water balloons at each other.

Shaq and Ernie were determined to make it work and kept trying by themselves, and we did eventually get the money shot, but not in the way they hoped, as Barkley pelted Shaq in the top of the head with an egg.

The slow motion clip is just spectacular.

This of course led to another war between Shaq, Chuck, and Kenny as Ernie signed off with one last dig at Shaq with a “Go Dawgs” ahead of Georgia and LSU’s meeting in the SEC Championship Game. If this doesn’t notch the show its 10th Emmy award, then I don’t know what will.