The Big3 Took A Subtle Shot At The Knicks Over The Charles Oakley Incident

03.17.17 2 years ago

It was a little more than a month ago that Charles Oakley and the New York Knicks began a feud with the legend being tossed and banned from Madison Square Garden, untalented rich son and team owner James Dolan calling Oakley an alcoholic, and everyone from LeBron James to Spike Lee defending Oakley publicly.

The ban was eventually lifted by the worst owner in sports who isn’t named Dan Snyder, and Oakley joined Ice Cube’s BIG3 league as a player/coach.

So that brings to an end the tumultuous and uncomfortable Knicks/Oakley feud that – OH MY GOD IT’S THE BIG3 MARKETING DEPARTMENT OFF THE TOP ROPE!

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