Chris Bosh’s Family Announced Their Impending Fourth Child In The Cutest Way Imaginable

10.09.15 4 years ago

Chris Bosh’s wife revealed they’re expecting a fourth child this spring with a series of Instagram pics today, cutting into the cute athlete’s kid demographic currently cornered by Riley Curry. The shots depict their youngest daughter, Dylan, with a full checklist on how to grow up. “Become a big sister” is the last “to do.”

Other shots include the Bosh’s oldest daughter, Trinity, schooling young Dylan on how to become that big sister, something she’s got some experience with already. Bonus points, too, for Trinity’s awesome glasses, taking a page from the Russell Westbrook style guide.

Bosh re-signed with the Miami Heat for a max deal in the summer of 2014, making his family’s home in South Florida a more permanent fixture for the next few years.

In addition to what will surely come to be known as the Sixth Man Award for his own family, Bosh and his wife are clearly excited by all the help their other children can provide as the kids grow up together. Nothing beats a free babysitter.

My first babysitter was always my older sister, and with Trinity, Dylan, and son Jackson, it looks like the newest Bosh will have plenty of older siblings to consult with and turn to for advice. Plus, mom and dad get a break.

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