Chris Paul Got Ejected For Calling Tony Brothers A ‘TikToker’ Then Posted A TikTok Of Brothers To His IG Story

Chris Paul‘s evening came to an early end on Friday night. With six seconds left in the Golden State Warriors‘ 123-111 loss to the Indiana Pacers, Paul had a seemingly innocuous back-and-forth with referee Tony Brothers that led to him getting sent to the locker room just before everyone else. Paul didn’t protest all that much, so it’s easy to think this one was deserved.

The story behind all of this, it turns out, is pretty hilarious. Paul explained what happened after the game, and it all revolved around calling Brothers a name.

“Ah, man, old Tony,” Paul said. “He’s talking to me, I talk back. I called him a TikToker and I got a tech.”

Paul explained that this earned him the first tech, and that he didn’t do anything other than call Brothers a TikToker.

“The second one, I just said that’s too much power,” Paul continued. “Gave me another tech.”

When asked to clarify what a TikToker meant, Paul said that Brothers is “the judge, the jury, and all that.” It’s a bit of a strange thing to call a referee, but fortunately, Paul explained everything when he posted a TikTok of a podcast appearance Brothers did where he called himself this to his Instagram Story.

“I don’t even really care too much for basketball,” Brothers says in the clip. “I’m the judge, the jury, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, everybody.”

This is some absolutely hilarious behavior by Paul to not only have this clip all loaded up in the event Brothers tossed him from the game, but to do all the stuff that he did leading up to it. Paul’s not exactly known for having the friendliest relationship with referees, but this is on another level.