C.J. McCollum Trash-Talked Evan Fournier By Comparing Him To A Crepe

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Trash talk is a regular part of any NBA game and, even if the general public never hears the vast majority of what is said on the hardwood, gems occasionally leak out by various means. For example, Blazers guard C.J. McCollum shared his exact language during an in-game scrap while speaking with Bill Reiter and Reid Forgrave on CBS’s Flagrant Two Podcast.

McCollum got into a jawing match with Magic swingman Evan Fournier (please do not Google his last name) last week and, in the midst of the dust-up, he dropped an all-timer. For a reminder of the incident at hand, video is always helpful.

As for the specific language, McCollum’s trash talk had a French theme that was clearly targeted to this specific opponent.

“I just felt like he disrespected me by putting his hands on me. Obviously, I’m not trying to get any fines or anything of that nature and I told him he was sweet. He’s French, and I said that, ‘you’re sweet and soft like those crepes you eat.'”

Obviously, Fournier would not have been pleased in the moment and the two men weren’t exactly getting along in the midst of the back and forth. In retrospect, though, this is laugh-out-loud funny and a reminder that not all trash talk has to be malicious or hateful in nature.

(Via CBS Sports)