Cleveland Police Reunited 45 Lost Kids With Their Parents After The Cavs’ Parade

Cleveland Cavaliers Victory Parade And Rally
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The Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated their championship with one of the more epic parades we’ve seen in a long time. It’s been more than five decades since Cleveland drank championship champagne. Needless to say the city went crazy, arguably too crazy.

One underreported fact about the parade was that at one point there were gunshots. No one was hurt, but it did cause people to scatter in a panic leaving a total of 45 kids missing from their parents.

One parent said, “Everywhere we planned to meet was so crowded with people, and no one could make phone calls out, so we just went to the casino to use a land line, because we didn’t know where else to go”

According to WKYC, the Cleveland police headquarters downtown were hectic, but they were able to recover all of the children. Police said they had 15 kids waiting for their parents at first, and then more started to trickle in one by one. One off duty cop went into work and just started face painting for the kids. She wanted to “de-stress” them and keep them calm.

When it was all said and done, the police were able to reunite all 45 kids with their parents. WKYC regarded the police as heroes in this story. If Cleveland somehow ends up winning another championship and becomes the new title town, next time hopefully they have a bit more organization and crowd control. The planning for the parade was a bit rough, but it’s a good thing that this story had a happy ending.