The Cavs Expertly Trolled The Celtics By Coming Out To The Monstars Theme From ‘Space Jam’ For Game 3

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Trying to downplay how badly the Boston got beat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Celtics All-Star Isaiah Thomas told reporters that he wasn’t scared of the Cleveland Cavaliers because they are not the Monstars from Space Jam. This was the right mentality for Thomas to have as admitting defeat after just one game would’ve shown how badly damaged the Celtics’ psyche was against the Cavs. Yet while Thomas’ confident quip was amusing and well reasoned, it was later proved unfounded as the Cavs absolutely destroyed the Celtics in Game 2, winning 130-86.

Fully aware of Thomas’ assertion that the Cavs were not the Monstars, Cleveland’s game operations team embraced the comparison by playing the Space Jam’s villains theme song before Game 3 on Sunday.

Here is the Monstars’ theme song, which is somewhat decipherable in the video above if you listen very closely:

If you still can’t hear the song, Cleveland Browns rookie Myles Garrett is at Quicken Loans Arena and confirmed the Cavs’ musical choice.

As Garrett says, this is just a savage move by Cleveland and while the Monstars did indeed lose at the end of Space Jam, Cleveland doesn’t appear to be heading for the same result against Boston.