A Cleveland Newspaper Made Lonzo Ball, Not LeBron, The Headliner For Lakers-Cavs

08.09.18 10 months ago

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LeBron James is no longer a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, in case you somehow missed the last month-plus of NBA news. James is now in the Western Conference for the first time after inking a four-year max deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA released the national TV schedule for opening week, Christmas Day, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Wednesday, and unsurprisingly, LeBron and the Lakers have quite the presence. The Cavs, meanwhile, do not (also not surprising), but it did leave some wondering when we’d be getting the LeBron homecoming game.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin answered that question later in the day as he reported November 21 would be LeBron’s return to Cleveland, which is conveniently the day before Thanksgiving. That was big news in Cleveland and naturally the Cleveland Plain-Dealer had it as a significant story on its sports page on Thursday morning, but they decided to have a little fun with the headline, using Lonzo Ball as the Lakers top-billed player, with LeBron getting a mention in the subheading.

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