This Year’s Clippers Are Bringing Fun To A Post-Lob City World

10.31.18 7 months ago

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With 6:25 left in the fourth quarter, Russell Westbrook has his sights set on the rim. As Montrezl Harrell is on an island, Westbrook directs traffic while setting up his eventual foray to the rim. He attempts his patented left-to-right crossover, but loses control of the ball. A mini-scramble ensues before Westbrook retains the ball. Unfortunately, Patrick Beverley has already left his feet by that point.

Bodies collide, a foul is called, then tempers flare.

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Dirty play? Beverley goes low on Russ, and here we go… 🤔

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Double technicals are handed out, and the Clippers eventually lose the game. But that effort and fiery nature — even when down 16 points — is what stands out the most about the sequence.

These aren’t your grandfather’s Clippers, a team mired by a poor on-court product and even more tension off the court (thanks, Donald Sterling). These aren’t even your slightly older cousin’s Clippers, a team with one of the most talented quartets in the league that could never get over The Hump™ for a multitude of reasons.

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