College Basketball’s Best Ink

12.21.10 8 years ago 3 Comments
About a month ago, we introduced you to UC Irvine’s Darren Moore, who quite possibly has the NCAA’s best collection of ink. Thankfully for all of us, Jeff Miller of The Orange County Register saw our post and decided to take it to the next level. As detailed as a player featured for Ink in the pages of Dime, check out college basketball’s version of Spider-Man.

For the full story, CLICK HERE. To see the wonderful photos by Jebb Harris and the stories behind the tats from Miller, look below.

For the Spider-Man neophyte, this is Venom, one of the super hero’s archenemies.

Much of Moore’s body is covered by tattoos, but he promised his mother he’d leave his hands, neck and face untouched so he cover up all his ink if necessary.

The Spider-Man logo in the center of Moore’s chest took six hours alone. He later added the webbing.

A portrait of President Obama adorns Moore’s left calf. “From Slavery” it reads above the likeness. “To Presidency” it reads below.

The words “Self Innovated” appear on Moore’s right arm. He received this tattoo after spending one season at Northern Colorado before returning to Southern California. “I wanted to build a new road, build a new me,” he says. “I was changing my own future.”

Moore says he can’t recall how many tattoos he has received, though he does admit, “It definitely has hit me in my wallet. But I’m more worried about the quality of the tattoo than the price.”

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