Comedian Creates NBA Team Names By Word Association. Now, There Are Logos.

Last week, comedian Joe Mande decided to change the name of every NBA team based on the first thing he could think of for each city. He’s posted them all on his website. Here’s a sampling of what he came up with: Atlanta Stripclubs, Brooklyn Bloggers, Cleveland LeBrons, Dallas Grassy Knolls, Memphis Ribs and Utah Mormons. Mande sent out an open invite on Twitter for fans to create logos for these team names, and he’s gotten a lot of great responses.

In Mande’s world, the Knicks are named the New York Anxiety, which makes this logo featuring Woody Allen just perfect:


It’s really hard to choose a favorite, but the Atlanta Stripclubs logo is spot on, especially since it gives a little hat tip to the vintage Hawks logo:


The Brooklyn Bloggers, a perfect name for the team, also got a great logo. I want this on a t-shirt:


The Orlando Chain Restaurants is just hilarious:


And finally, a logo that I think would actually work in real life. The Toronto Drakes:


What do you think?

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