The Court Grip Difference Maker Of The Week: Michael Carter-Williams Crosses Up Ricky Rubio

Despite a beavy of three-pointers from the normally cold-shooting ‘Wolves on Monday night (they rank 22nd in the league from deep), Sixers rookie Michael Carter-Williams showed off some impressive lateral quickness with a crossover that had Ricky Rubio reaching to save the bucket.

The Sixers got blown out, 126-95, against the visiting ‘Wolves, but MCW brought the ruckus on this drive against Rubio. Watch as he leaves Rubio hanging by stuttering-stepping with his left hand before quickly crossing over to his right. All Rubio can do, with his weight going the wrong way, is desperately swipe at the ball to foul MCW and prevent the easy layup. Except, even fouling the rookie out of Syracuse didn’t prevent the score when the ball squirts out of his hands and off the glass for the freaky layup.

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