Craig Sager’s Long-Standing Annual Cubs World Series Bet Finally Paid Off

11.03.16 1 year ago

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Craig Sager’s enthusiasm, grace and love for those around him has inspired devotion across the sports world as he battles an aggressive form of leukemia. But Sager is himself a devoted man — to basketball, to his family, and to the Chicago Cubs. As you may have heard, those Cubs won the World Series on Wednesday night, breaking a 108-year-old drought.

Of course, wherever Craig is, we’re sure he’s ecstatic that his Cubbies won the title — but not just because of them. There’s also a little something in it for him on the side:

As Sager’s son posted a picture of a book passage, and Sager has a book coming out next week, we’re going to assume it’s from part of that book, titled Living Out Loud. Even though the Cubs were largely viewed as one of the favorites to win it all heading into this season, anything can happen in baseball, and betting odds reflect that. No matter where he placed his bet, we’re pretty sure he made a fair chunk of change from the Cubs’ title.

Here’s hoping we get to find out how he spent that money, and that he gets to see how much we’ll enjoy his book.

(H/t NBC Sports)

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