Damian Lillard’s Adidas Dame 7 Made Its Debut In ‘NBA 2K21’

They won’t officially drop until October, but Damian Lillard’s signature Dame 7 sneaker will make its debut on Friday in NBA 2K21 where fans will be able to get a first look at the latest edition of Lillard’s popular adidas shoe.

Lillard, the cover athlete for the latest NBA 2K game, will be donning his own shoes when fans use him in the game, customized with the “I Am My Own Fan” colorway. Not only will Lillard himself be wearing the new shoe, but fans can outfit their MyPlayer avatar with the Dame 7s as well.

In addition, to celebrate “2K Day,” fans will be able to see an interview with Lillard in the newest episode of 2KTV, the in-game show that 2K produces. And for those who want to try and get their hands on a pair, throughout the day, fans can enter to win the exclusive 2K colorway of the Dame 7, a full month before they’re available to the public.

After winning MVP of the NBA Bubble’s seeding games and stealing a game from the Lakers in the first round, Lillard is celebrating his first cover athlete appearance on NBA 2K21 as well as the latest edition of his signature sneaker.