Damian Lillard Compared Silencing Athlete Protests To Slavery

10.02.17 11 months ago 2 Comments

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Damian Lillard is upset with the way many have treated athlete protests in recent weeks and leading into the NBA season. The Portland Trail Blazers star likened the silencing of athlete protests to “slavery” in comments he made on a local interview show last week.

Lillard, who is primed for a big fall with a new shoe release and an album dropping on the same day in addition to another season with the Trail Blazers, isn’t happy with some of the discord around athlete protests and how there are many fans (and the president) who have called for athletes to protest “on their own time” rather than on the field or court.

Lillard said not wanting athletes “stand for anything” while wearing an NBA or NFL jersey means only caring about the athletic talents of its players, a move he compared to the slave trade.

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