Damian Lillard On Tyrese Haliburton Doing His Dame Time Celebration: ‘I Can’t Be Upset When Somebody Else Does It’

Tyrese Haliburton and the Indiana Pacers earned their biggest win in recent history on Thursday evening, outlasting the Milwaukee Bucks to earn a berth in the final of the NBA In-Season Tournament. In the closing minutes, Haliburton buried a dagger three-pointer and, in addition to the impact of the shot itself, he mimicked the “Dame Time” celebration made famous by Bucks guard Damian Lillard.

After the game, Lillard was asked how it felt that Haliburton did that with him on the other side of the floor.

“I learned as a kid, when you dish it out, you’ve got to be willing to take it,” Lillard said. “For as many times as I’ve done it to people, I can’t be upset when somebody else does it, you know what I mean. I think that’s also a sign of respect and acknowledgment for knowing my history and knowing what I do.

“I didn’t mind it. It was what it was. I’ve also known that, you know, when you are having your moment, it’s important to be careful, to be humble in your moments because you just never know how the tables are going to turn or when they are going to turn. I respected it. We shook hands after the game. I wasn’t moved by it left or right.”

Lillard takes the right tact for most of the answer, saying that players have to be willing to take it if they dish it out. Some of that perhaps unravels with the direction to “be humble” but, as always, it’s important to remember this was a post-game press conference after a high-profile game, leading to some raw responses at times.

The Pacers and Bucks put on quite a show in Vegas, and it seems like there is no bad blood. In this instance, though, Haliburton got the last laugh and celebrated accordingly.