Damon Jones Offered Up Details About The J.R. Smith Soup Incident, Including Them Not Speaking For Months

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More than a year has passed since Cleveland Cavaliers swingman J.R. Smith was suspended for throwing a bowl of soup at an assistant coach.

Even with a decent amount of time between the incident and now, the shock factor of that sentence hasn’t really worn off but the assistant in question was Damon Jones and, on Monday, the 42-year-old joined ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby for a sit-down to clear the air on what actually transpired on that fateful day.

Jones confirmed a few widely reported details, including the fact that the soup was chicken tortilla. From there, though, he shed some additional light on the specifics, ranging from the revelation that Smith threw the soup and the bowl at Jones and that the assistant coach was standing on his feet at the time of impact.

Finally, Jones commented on the temperature of the liquid, saying “all I remember is the soup was on my arm and it was hot as hell,” and noted they didn’t speak for three whole months after the incident before hashing it out. In the grand scheme, there is nothing all that “important” about this event in the history of the NBA but, considering the viral nature of the moment what it transpired, we’ll take all the help we can get to put the pieces together once and for all.