Danny Green Will Reportedly Sign With Lakers Now That Kawhi Leonard Is With Clippers

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Kawhi Leonard stunned everybody early Saturday morning when it was reported that he would be joining the Los Angeles Clippers in free agency. This ended days of wonder on what decision Leonard was going to make in free agency. Of course, fans weren’t the only people waiting on Leonard. His now former teammate Danny Green was waiting as well.

Green said that he wanted to wait and see what Kawhi Leonard would decide on Toronto before making his free agency decision. It sounded like, if the Raptors had managed to keep Leonard, that he would stay with him. But since Leonard has left for Los Angeles so will Green, but he’ll be playing for a different team. First hinted at by Marc Stein and confirmed by Shams Charania, Danny Green will reportedly sign with the Lakers.


This will surely add some much needed shooting around LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but it’s also a halfway decent consolation prize to Leonard. Green is considered one of the best transition defenders in the NBA, has played in numerous NBA Finals, and is still an elite three-point shooter. He brings a championship pedigree as well as a skill set that should fit in well with the players the Lakers have already acquired. It will be interesting to see where the Lakers go from here.

As for the money, Green will get a two-year, $30 million deal from the Lakers, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.