David Griffin Played The Piano And Zion Williamson Made A Cameo In The Pelicans’ Hilarious Schedule Reveal Video

NBA teams can take two approaches to schedule release day. One is they can decide to play it straight — this isn’t boring, necessarily, but it’s a pretty safe option. The full schedule is posted on social media, some cool graphics get made, maybe fans learn about the fun promotions that are on the calendar for their next year. There is basically a zero percent chance of this flopping.

And then there is the riskier option, which is doing something cool and fun. The possibility of this backfiring exists, but fortunately for the New Orleans Pelicans, the cool and fun thing they did to announce their 2022-23 schedule was extremely good. You might remember a report from last year that indicated team executive David Griffin played the piano for Zion Williamson in his hotel room in the NBA’s Orlando Bubble, which led to Williamson saying “I’m not letting a grown man come to my room and play piano for me.”

Well apparently, that lingered for a bit, and on Wednesday, the Pelicans had Griffin sit at a piano and play a tune to announce some of the biggest games on the calendar.

Zion showing up around the 50-second mark and saying “you get used to it” really is a spectacular touch. We give this a 10/10.