David Lee Bought Warriors Employees Lunch As A Going-Away Thank You

This couldn’t have been an easy year for David Lee.

Once a starter for the Golden State Warriors, Lee saw his playing time diminish to the point of near nonexistence during the Warriors’ incredible championship campaign. This summer, the Warriors did right by Lee, trading him to the Boston Celtics so that he could find a new home and hopefully more playing time. Lee harbors no ill will toward the Warriors, and is thankful for his time there. In fact, he’s so thankful, he bought lunch for the entire Warriors staff.

In this age of players constantly changing teams, five seasons can seem like a lifetime. Lee was the senior resident on the Warriors this year. He had been there for the extreme lows, the Mark Jackson era, and the beginning of the Steve Kerr era. Even though he didn’t play much this year – save for a few surprisingly key minutes in the Finals – just being a part of the culminating trip from cellar dweller to champion must have been special for him.

In Boston, he’ll be part of a rebuild, though one that’s been fast-tracked thanks to a combination of shrewd moves by the Celtics and the benefit of playing in the Eastern Conference. He probably won’t be buying Chipotle for his teammates, but he’ll have more than a few valuable lessons to teach them as they grow.

(Via Julie Phayer)