DeAndre Jordan Has A Great New Celebration For Every Dime He Drops

There are a lot of classic celebrations around the NBA, both past and present. There’s Carmelo Anthony’s three to the dome, Russell Westbrook’s double finger guns and/or cradle rock, James Harden stirring up a spicy dish, and whatever that Hallelujah thing was J.R. Smith used to do.

Most of these, however, had to do with scoring. In fact, you have to think all the way back to Dikembe Mutumbo to even remember an original one that came after a defensive play, and as far as I can remember, there’s never been one for an assist, at least not one that’s had any staying power.

DeAndre Jordan, however, might be rewriting the narrative with his latest celebration, which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. NBA.com’s John Schuhmann recently noticed that every time Jordan gets an assist, he reaches down and pretends to pick up a dime off the court and put it in his shorts.

This is easily our new favorite celebration and, quite frankly, a long overdue nod to the enduring power of the almighty assist. It’s surprising that there’s never been a good celebration for getting a steal, or maybe moving forward, somebody can dream one up for a successful contest or close-out to the three-point line. Regardless, Jordan has officially put the rest of the league on notice that it’s time to step up your celebration game.