DeMarcus Cousins Stopped An Interview To Yell About An Alabama Interception

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The NBA rolled out a full slate on Monday evening and, despite the fact that the College Football Playoff sapped most of the oxygen in the sports world, the league produced some interesting action. One such contest was a victory from the New Orleans Pelicans at the hands of the Detroit Pistons, in which DeMarcus Cousins produced 20 points and 10 rebounds to aid in his team claiming the win.

After the game, Cousins was being interviewed in typical fashion when it comes to a star-level player. Then, something weird happened.

Alabama defensive lineman Raekwon Davis intercepted a pass from Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm in the third quarter and, well, Cousins witnessed it live. On cue, he reacted.

Cousins went to college at Kentucky but, prior to that, he grew up in the state of Alabama, which just might explain this type of attention being paid. It is unquestionably hilarious that he would drop everything in the middle of an interview to produce such a reaction and, beyond that, Cousins’ actual performance in encouraging Davis, a very large man, to continue running was perfect.

Many NBA teams had to take care of business early on Monday evening and, after the fact, a lot of players undoubtedly wanted to catch up on the football action. Boogie Cousins just didn’t feel like waiting.