DeMarcus Cousins Fouled Out After Somehow Picking Up Six Fouls In One Quarter

Associate Editor


DeMarcus Cousins has always struggled with fouls. Coming into this season, Boogie averaged just under four fouls per game during his NBA career, so getting in foul trouble is nothing new for Sacramento’s volatile big man.

But even for Cousins’ lofty standards, this is something else. He fouled out of Sacramento’s game against Miami on Tuesday night and accrued all six of his fouls in the fourth quarter. It’s an amazing, um, accomplishment, and brought an abrupt end to an otherwise solid night – 30 points on 8-for-16 shooting with seven rebounds and four assists.

His first foul came with 11:18 left in the quarter, and his second came 53 seconds later. Boogie kept himself out of trouble for a while, but at the 5:41 mark, he got number three. Numbers four and five came with 4:50 and 4:05 left in the quarter, while his sixth came with 30 seconds left. His last foul was a head-scratcher, as he got called for an offensive foul on a play that we see go uncalled all the time.

Cousins was understandably furious at this decision. This was a bad call, and when you’ve managed to pick up five fouls in a quarter, you’re obviously going to think that the officiating is out to get you. That’s especially true for Boogie, whose well-documented foul issues and physical style of play sometimes leads to him getting officiated differently than others.

And yes, there are some times where Cousins is his own worst enemy on the court, no one denies that. But when a dude is getting called for six fouls in a quarter, and the sixth foul was an objectively bad call, he’s going to have a case for being mad.

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