Dennis Rodman Has Been Charged In His Wild California Hit-And-Run Crash

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A five-time NBA champion, professional DJ, and Kim Jong-Un’s best friend in the whole wide world, Dennis Rodman is now in trouble with the law. On July 20, the retired basketball star and often-controversial celebrity reportedly crashed his car on Interstate 5 in Los Angeles after driving the wrong way in a carpool lane at 12:30 am.

TMZ did some digging and determined that The Worm was at a karaoke bar that night, but we shouldn’t rush to judgement. It turns out he had several reasons for abandoning the scene.

The California Highway Patrol wanted the former NBA star charged with hit and run, and that’s exactly what happened. On Monday, Rodman was officially charged with “misdemeanor counts of hit and run with property damage, driving a motor vehicle across a divide, giving false information to a police officer, and driving without a valid license,” according to the AFP. Rodman faces up to two years in county jail and will be arraigned on Jan. 20.

As originally reported, Rodman drove his white SUV northbound in a southbound carpool lane on I-5, causing a driver to crash his sedan into a divider to avoid hitting him. Rodman didn’t exchange information with the other driver and left the scene before police arrived. It is unknown if the 6-foot-7 tattooed NBA champion with two nose rings and a lip piercing actually thought that he would get away, but maybe he’ll clear that part up in his arraignment.