The Denver Nuggets Really Messed Up With These ‘White Pride’ Hats

The song by U2. The guy who made baseball free agency possible. There are many situations in which Pride is a good thing that should be celebrated.

This Denver Nuggets hat, however, is not one of those situations.

The NBA has a hat campaign centered around “pride” for all its teams, and somehow, the Nuggets wound up with a “White Pride” hat. The Houston Rockets have “red pride,” because of rockets’ red glare and all that. The New Orleans Pelicans have “purple pride,” because they wear purple. The Charlotte Hornets have “hornet pride,” because there are only so many colors in the spectrum and it’s hard to be clever 30 times.

The Nuggets’ “white pride” hats are simply a case of not thinking something through, and they were removed from the NBA’s online store for a while. They dropped the “white” part of the pride and are now just pride hats.