The Dime Podcast Ep. 31: Seth Rosenthal On The New York Knicks And The Drake-Kendrick Perkins Beef

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Hello, friends. Welcome to the latest edition of the Dime Podcast, which is here to bring you chatter on all the goings on within the 2018 NBA postseason. As always, we invite you to subscribe to the podcast on your podcast listening platform of your choosing (Omny, iTunes, Google, Stitcher) and leave us a review.

Today, Martin and Robby are joined by Seth Rosenthal (@seth_rosenthal) of SB Nation. It’s a show jam-packed with playoff talk, as the guys touch on every postseason series, the New York Knicks, and the early stages of one of the silliest beefs in NBA history: Drake vs. Kendrick Perkins.

Here’s a rundown of some of the things you can expect today.

  • Cavs-Raptors Game 2 started way too early.
  • What to wear when you go right from work to an NBA game.
  • How Drake and Kevin Hart are fans in the mold of Spike Lee, but in a bad way.
  • The Miami Heat retired Michael Jordan’s jersey, which should happen more often, so we picked players for other teams who should have their numbers retired.
  • Cavs-Warriors IV doesn’t mean this feels like a rivalry.
  • Jordan Clarkson looking like Knicks J.R. Smith while J.R. Smith looks like someone who has played with LeBron for a few years.
  • Cleveland stealing Game 1 in Toronto.
  • A preview of Game 2, even though it happened immediately after this podcast ended.
  • Miami really should have gone right at Marco Belinelli in round one.
  • Brad Stevens as a coach and how it kind of overshadows Danny Ainge as an executive.
  • Would Boston consider trading Kyrie?
  • Regional styles of food, particularly pizza and bagels.
  • Can the Utah Jazz actually push the Houston Rockets?
  • The weird impending Dante Exum free agency.
  • Lifting and thickness among NBA players.
  • “Who has the thickest chest in basketball?”
  • Ivan Johnson.
  • Seth breaks down the Carmelo Anthony era in New York.
  • Picking a new Knicks coach just minutes before the Knicks hired David Fizzle.
  • Do the Pelicans get a game off of the Warriors?

All that and much, much more on today’s edition of The Dime Podcast.

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