The Dime Podcast Ep. 36: Cassidy Hubbarth Talks About A Potential Gentleman’s Sweep In The NBA Finals


Hello, friends. Welcome to the latest edition of the Dime Podcast, in which we discuss the potential gentleman’s sweep in the NBA Finals. As always, we invite you to subscribe to the podcast on your podcast listening platform of your choosing (Omny, iTunes, Google, Stitcher) and leave us a review.

Today, Martin and Robby are joined by ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth (@CassidyHubbarth) of ESPN, who hosts Full Court Press and appears all over the network during the Finals. Cassidy breaks down the Warriors and their domination of the series thus far, while Martin and Robby are just hoping the Cavs can avoid cleaning champagne out of the visiting locker room.

Here’s a rundown of some of the things you can expect on this edition of the pod.

    • Robby and Martin hope for the “gentleman’s sweep” in the NBA Finals
    • Rodney Hood’s breakout game coming too late to matter much
    • Kevin Durant making it look easy
    • How mentally taxing it is for LeBron James to play with no margin for error
    • The lingering effects of Game 1 for the Cavs
    • The lack of Cavaliers playmakers to help LeBron on offense
    • Kevin Durant’s ability to deflate the Cavs with big shots
    • How sneaky funny Klay Thompson interviews are
    • How much LeBron cares about being swept
    • Why Philadelphia makes sense for LeBron’s next move

All that and much, much more on today’s edition of The Dime Podcast.