The Dime Podcast Ep. 17: What Should The Cavs Do At The Trade Deadline?

01.26.18 6 months ago

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Hello, friends. It’s time for another edition of the Dime Podcast (I know, a day late. I’m sorry). Be sure to subscribe everywhere and anywhere you listen to podcasts (Omny, iTunes, Google), and this week we’re spending 40 minutes discussing the one NBA story that continues to dominate headlines: What can the Cavaliers do to fix their problems on the trade market?

In order to properly break down Cavaliers trade scenarios and their many problems, we turned to Twitter’s preeminent source for all fake Cavaliers trades, @PChopz_. Chopz joined us to vent about his beloved Cavaliers and go through a number of potential trades (some of which made their way into our attempt at blowing up the Cavs completely) that Cleveland should be looking into.

First, though, Martin and I come up with an idea for a shirt with a built in lower back pillow to help people with back injuries.

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