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10.27.08 9 years ago 28 Comments
Joe JohnsonJoe Johnson (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Getting closer and closer to Opening Night, everyone is a little banged up: Kobe Bryant (knee), Joe Johnson (groin), Josh Smith (ankle), Kevin Martin (knee), Rajon Rondo (ankle), Corey Maggette (hamstring), Thaddeus Young (back), Tyrus Thomas (ankle), Beno Udrih (hip flexor), Nick Young (knee), Jamario Moon (Achilles) and Kwame Brown (shoulder) are among those nursing minor injuries that aren’t expected to keep them out of their respective season openers, but are worth keeping an eye on. In Kwame’s case, he can protect the shoulder so long as he doesn’t wave the towel too hard and keeps it conservative with his layup-line routine … The preseason wasn’t long enough for the Heat to settle their point guard situation. Mario Chalmers looked like he’d won the starting job towards the end of the exhibition schedule, but the South Florida Sun-Sentinel says Chris Quinn will be the one bringing the ball up and immediately passing to D-Wade when Miami opens at MSG on Wednesday. Marcus Banks is expected to get the majority of his minutes backing up Wade at two-guard, and while Shaun Livingston has looked pretty good in his limited action, he’s not ready for big minutes yet … Banks isn’t the only guy playing out of position. Apparently James Posey will be getting a lot of minutes at power forward behind David West. Like we said in our Hornets season preview, N.O. is thin at the position, but is Posey the right guy? He’s not much of a rebounder, and as good as he is defensively, there are a lot of starting PF’s and a few backups who can simply overpower or jump over him … E-mail from Pat: “I was at the Phillies game tonight. Saw Donyell Marshall, rocking a Phils throwback cap. Literally no one recognized him. Meanwhile, Rob Schneider was randomly sitting up in one of the last rows of the stadium and was absolutely MOBBED by fans taking pictures and getting autographs. It was so bad, they had to have a security guy sit next to him.” So this is what it’s come to, Donyell? … On that note, Antoine Walker is done. Maybe not officially, but he’s done. The Grizzlies recently told ‘Toine he’ll be riding pine behind guys like Darko and Darrell Arthur during their youth movement. “I would have liked the opportunity to play but I understand the state that they’re in,” Walker told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “They want to play the young guys.” ‘Toine will sit and collect $9.3 million in the meantime, because neither side is talking buyout. “I’m not interested in giving any money back,” Walker said. “If there’s a good fit out there that I can find, I guess I would consider that. But it doesn’t make sense to give money back.” Can you name one team where ‘Toine would make sense as a regular rotation guy? … If you needed another reason to hate the Lopez twins, know this: They’re both crazy for anything Disney. Brook has a collection of dolls (“ACTION FIGURES!”) and memorabilia that numbers in the hundreds, and is apparently a Disney history buff. Robin has a Disney-filled room in his place that’s “almost a museum,” according to Brook … Yesterday we caught some of “Hulk Hogan‘s Celebrity Championship Wrestling,” where Dennis Rodman is one of the contestants. He’s joined by the likes of Todd Bridges, Butterbean, Frank Stallone, Screech, Trishelle from “Real World: Vegas” (who slept with four guys before the first commercial break) and Danny Bonaduce (who seems to think this is all real) — a real collection of H-list talent. The judging crew includes Hogan, Eric Bischoff (taking himself way too seriously), one of the Nasty Boys (who’s constantly out of breath) and Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart (consistently destroying Craig Sager in the Worst Jacket Ever contest) … But that wasn’t even the worst thing on TV yesterday, because the “Antique Roadshow” made its way to Salt Lake City. If the term “geek parade” was ever more appropriate … We’re out like Frank Stallone’s “celebrity” status …

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